Membership: $14 weekly - Unlimited classes + more.

We have just started family memberships at Maximus Fitness in 2022, this gives the member the opportunity to connect their spouse, partner or child onto their membership (please let the trainers know at Maximus Fitness who you have chosen to be connected to your membership).

Must be 13+ to be a member or connected on to your membership. If you wish your child that is younger to participate in classes with you, please talk to the trainer as some children can get upset for wanting to use certain equipment that they may not be able to lift or lift with bad form, which is a 'no no'.

Casual classes at Maximus Fitness are $10. If you're a member and bring a non-member/family member to class, they get a 50% discount on their casual fee - $5.

All members at Maximus Fitness receive a 20% discount on all small & large challenges that Maximus Fitness run.