The trainers at Maximus were a big part in me passing my physical test to become a Police Officer in the NZ Police Force. The atmosphere they create leading in to a class is second to none. Highly recommended by myself and partner who have been members of Maximus Fitness for the past 7 years.


The trainers are like old friends that will help you to your goals. They think really hard about each class, keeping it fresh, fun & something for everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from.


At Maximus I have met good people who are now life time friends. Maximus have awesome trainers who are humble and very down to earth. I highly recommend Maximus Fitness if you are looking to lose weight, get fit & strong or just looking to train with good people and a positive vibe.


The trainers are down to earth & highly energetic, they make every session a challenge that leaves you wanting more.