"One day this pain will make sense to you, trust the process"


29, 21, 15, 9, 5, 3

1. Power clean

2. Squat Pulse

3. Thruster

4. Sit & Reach 

* TIME how long this take you & If youre on Instagram, show other players your time and the extras you are putting in.


*After completing 29 of each of the 4 exercises, perform 20 Gorilla drops, before moving on to 21 of each exercise. Once getting to the last 3 reps on each exercise & performing your last 20 Gorilla drops, hop in to a 90 second prone hold DO NOT STOP THE TIME UNTIL THE PRONE HOLD IS OVER (= final time)...note if you drop on the last prone hold.

Super hero level:

Bronze 10kg

Silver 12.5kg

Gold 15kg+

Hawk eye: 30minutes+

Batman: 25-29minutes

Aqua man: 20-24minutes

Superman:19minutes and less

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