"You and your opponent want the same thing, the only difference is who works the hardest for it"






Push ups


Which action star are you?

12 reps on each exercise: Dolph Lundgren 

13 reps on each exercise: Michael Jai White

14 reps on each exercise: Jean-Claud Van Damme

15 reps on each exercise: Bruce Lee

* Perform each exercise on the minute, every minute until you have done all 5 exercises listed.

* All 5 exercises = 1 round.

* Aim to complete 5 rounds.

* If youre on instagram, put on your story & show other team mates the extras youre doing. 

e.g: Start your first minute (leave time running), start your first 12 -15 Deadlifts, your first set should take you roughly 20-30seconds, you now rest until the minute starts again and now you perform exercise number 2 which is 12-15 burpees....carry on this way until all 5 exercises are done, this will equal 1x round, move straight into starting from the top when that minute hand starts again (round 2).

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