Max Box Class

Max Box 

Boxing fitness session using focus pads and gloves. 

Our classes include combos, pad work, and cardio/ conditioning exercises.  Good for increasing cardio fitness, weight loss and in some cases a good laugh when the trainers start to lose their voice.

(Gloves and pads provided for beginners) 

Muscle Max Class

Muscle MaX

One of our most popular classes

Based on building that burn through resistance training, this class includes a combination of equipment and bodyweight exercises. Really good for toning and building muscle.  

Max Core Class

Max Core

30min core class

Based on building the cores strength and stability through a variation of movements and holds. Also a good class if you are concentrating on developing those summer abs.  

Max Tuff

Boot camp where anything goes.

On the rainy days be prepared to get a little wet & dirty as we are outside rain or shine. Good class to get people out of their comfort zones not only working as individuals but in some cases pairs and groups.

Max Fit

A combination class of MaX Tuff & Muscle MaX

With this class depending on the trainer can be in the gym (weights room) perfect way to end your weekend.