Before we start on your running programme a couple things you may not know that can help you on your way to getting some good kilometers in during the 6 weeks.

For every drop of sweat you should replace it with 2x drops of water.

If you're new to running you don't want to over use your muscles before they adapt to what you're doing so try to run every 2nd to 3rd day & running intervals may help you with your running goals faster.

Beginners 6 week running programme

Stretching not only helps lengthen your muscles but also helps the recovery time. 

How long (minimum) should you hold a stretch for?

Minimum of 40seconds

"If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find every movement you make becomes easier" 

Bob Anderson - former Olympian fencer

Intermediate 6 week running programme 

Please keep in mind running can be strenuous on your your organs if you're not entirely sure about how to proceed with your current physical state, please see your local GP for a consult regarding your concerns!


Minimum of 40seconds

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